Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-in-Chief
President, Interactive Consulting Inc.
Mr. Rosen is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London); a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and both a Nationally Certified Professional Chemist and Certified Professional Chemical Engineer. He is a member of the U.S. Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) & the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Meyer serves as an Advisor for David Smith, Executive Director of the SCC Advisory Committee. He is also Editor for U.S. & Canada and Editor-in-Chief for North and Latin America for EuroCosmetics Magazine in Germany. Mr. Rosen is Editor of the Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products and Editor-in-Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Edition.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nanotoxicology Testing & Analysis Team, Intertek, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Simon Allen, D. Phil.
Laboratory Director
Intertek MSG

Simon obtained his D.Phil. from Oxford University in 1982, and since then has worked continuously in the field of materials characterisation – first with ICI, and since 2007 with Intertek. Simon’s team in the UK has many years of experience in the characterisation of Nanomaterials, and Simon himself has been active in the management of a number of collaborative projects in the field, including the major UK DTI-funded Nanocentral programme. Simon has, over the years, published a number of papers and book chapters in the field optical characterisation of materials.

John M. Zielinski, PhD Chemical Engineering

Diffusion, Equilibrium, Permeation, and Porosity Analyses
John earned his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University in 1992 and was a visiting scholar, supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Society and the National Science Foundation, at the Universität Mainz/Max Planck Institut für Polymerforschung, Germany, from 1993 to 1994.  He was a lead research engineer at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. until transitioning to his role as supervisor of the Sorption Characterization Lab at Intertek ASA.

John’s career has focused on the characterization of a broad range of porous materials used for gas separation and purification applications. In addition, he has applied his chemical engineering background to elucidate multicomponent molecular transport within various media including polymer films and molecular sieving materials. These studies required the development of analytical methods to: 1) probe the equilibrium and diffusion characteristics of gases and vapors within a variety of materials and 2) illuminate the effect of pore structure on material performance.

Dr. Zielinski is the author of forty-two peer-reviewed journal articles and serves as an adjunct professor for the Department of Chemical Engineering at Penn State.  He is a member of the Alexander von Humboldt Society of America and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Peter DeSanto Jr., PhD Chemical Engineering
Diffraction, Crystallography, and Microscopy

Pete obtained a BS in Chemistry at Millersville University in 1996 and a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware in 2003. His PhD thesis was focused on the structure property relationships of mixed-metal oxide catalysts. He then spent 1 year at the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory at NIST as an NRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow continuing research on metal oxide catalysts and model systems for studying phenomena in high-temperature super conductors. Peter taught for 2 years as a visiting professor in the Department of Chemistry at Bloomsburg University followed by 4 years as a research engineer and analytical chemist at Air Products and Chemicals. He is currently the X-ray diffraction expert for Intertek ASA in Allentown, PA. His areas of expertise include heterogeneous catalysis, x-ray diffraction, crystallography, and transmission electron microscopy.

Todd M. McEvoy, PhD Chemistry
Microscopy, Surface Analysis, and Electrochemistry

Todd graduated with a BS in Chemistry and with Honors from Shippensburg University in 1998. In August 1998 he entered the University of Texas at Austin to pursue his Doctorate in Chemistry under the guidance of Professor Keith J. Stevenson. His work at UT focused on developing integrated spectral, microscopic and electrochemical methods to study charge storage processes in electrochromic ion-storage materials. Upon graduation in 2003 he became a NRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory for Jeffrey Long and Debra Rolison. There he was developing new hybrid polymer/carbon materials for ultracapacitor applications. Todd joined the Analytical group at Air Products and Chemicals in 2004 where he was part of the surface characterization lab supporting a wide variety of groups across Technology. He also worked on bench and pilot scale advanced oxidation water treatment processes within the Water group in Merchant R&D. He joined Intertek in 2010, and is currently involved in solving complex problems through the use of analytical science. His areas of expertise include electrochemistry, microscopy, and surface science.

Scott D. Hanton, PhD Chemistry
Polymer Mass Spectrometry and Surface Analysis

Scott earned a BS in Chemistry from the Honors College at Michigan State University in 1985 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990.  Scott’s graduate work focused on measuring the reaction rates of specific excited states of metal cations with small hydrocarbons in the gas phase.  After graduation he joined the Analytical Science Department at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. in Allentown, PA as the laser science expert.  Over time, his interest in laser science developed into expertise in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry.  He also developed expertise in time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) to enable the characterization of surfaces.  In addition to his research career, Scott has also been active in laboratory management.  Scott transitioned to Intertek ASA in 2010 in the dual role of Chief Scientist and Laboratory Operations Manager.  

Dr. Hanton is the author of thirty-six peer-reviewed journal articles, serves as a member of the editorial board for the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (JASMS), and is on the board of directors for the Laboratory Managers Association (ALMA).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Regulatory Team, Ruud Overbeek, Intertek, Angel Consulting, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Ruud Overbeek

Ruud Overbeek is responsible for Global Health, Environmental & Regulatory services within the Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals division. In this role, Ruud helps companies meet the requirements of ever-changing global legislation in the areas of Green and Health claims, Chemical Safety and Notifications, Restricted Substances, REACH, and climate change-related services. Prior to joining Intertek, Ruud worked for Avantium Technologies as Vice President of Intellectual Assets & Licensing, Business Development, Operations and Discovery.

He started his career in ABB Lummus Global as Technology Development Manager. Ruud is a member of a number of Associations including The Royal Dutch Chemical Society, the Dutch Catalysis Society and was appointed to the Health and Beauty America (HBA) Scientific Advisory Board. Ruud has achieved the DuPont Chemical Company Prize for Outstanding Independent Research and holds a Doctorate in Catalysis from Utrecht University.

Dr. Matteo Zanotti Russo

Founder / CEO- Angel Consulting SAS-Milano (Italy) & Professor, University of Pisa, Italy – Faculty of Pharmacy

Dr. Matteo Zanotti Russo currently is a Teacher at the Faculty of Pharmacy (University of Pisa) in "cosmetic products".

 In the last few years, he has chaired and participated as a speaker in international seminars on Safety Assessment reports (compliancy with the EU legislation) in Israel, Turkey, USA, Brazil and many EU Countries.

Founder and owner of Angel Consulting s.a.s. - The company's activities focus on EU legislation, cosmetics Safety Assessment reports, claim sustainability and cosmetics good manufacturing practices (GMP ISO 22716:2007).

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry at University of Bologna, he started his carreer has Development lab Manager in Rohm and Haas – Italy and worked for his first years in the field of development of new cosmetic ingredients (he published several international patents), both natural and synthetic. Then he worked in touch with cosmetic manufacturers in field of Regulatory and Development (both new ingredients and cosmetic products), where he found his “natural environment”.

He participated in many Association activities, as the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI), RTC-Unipro (Association that involves manufacturers and Universities), and the new born Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi - Italy (manufacturers association).

His current activity is shared between Executive Operations on consultancy with Angel Consulting (in which he coordinates several experts in many fields of cosmetology), Teaching at a University training course organized by  Manufacturer Associations and Development projects that he coordinates between Cosmetic Manufacturers and Research Centers.

Jeffrey W. Card, Ph.D.
Senior Program Manager, Toxicology
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Jeffrey joined Intertek in March 2007.  He holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology and received postdoctoral training at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, NC.  Jeffrey oversees the design and management of nonclinical drug development programs and prepares submission packages for review by regulatory agencies.

He also manages the conduct of toxicological risk assessments for impurities and contaminants in pharmaceuticals and consumer products and helps coordinate the preparation of safety dossiers for cosmetics and their ingredients.  Jeffrey has authored more than 25 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of toxicology, physiology, carcinogenesis, and nanotechnology.

Tom Jonaitis

Tom Jonaitis graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Toxicology.  After working on his senior project at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health assisting in a research study evaluating the stressing effects of alcohol consumption on subjects, and a short internship with Ontario Ministry of Labor (Occupational Health and Safety), Tom has worked with Intertek Cantox for the last 7 years.  Starting out in the Chemicals group working in hazard communication and classification, Tom joined the Food group where he has used his scientific research skill and provided regulatory support on a range of projects including pesticides, nanomaterials, food and feed additives, as well as conducting exposure and risk assessments."

Ramzia Lefebvre, 
Technical Manager Russia and Customs Union certification, 

Ramzia presently serves as a Technical Manager for Russia and Customs Union products certification at Intertek in France. She leads personal care products certification access for  Russian and Customs Union’s (including Kazakhstan and Belarus) requirements and works in cooperation with local authorities and cosmetics federations. Ramzia has been in the field of export regulation for over 15 years, with extensive experience in Russian regulation for personal care products. As an expert in this field, she has worked with numerous cosmetics manufacturers or exporters and has accompanied them to assure compliance with Russian national standards. 

Ramzia is a graduate of the Higher Education Institute of Gorki (Russian Federation) and of the Sorbonne University of Paris (France). She is author of articles on new cosmetic regulation in Russia in Inside Cosmeceuticals (USA) and Premium Beauty (France) web magazines and has been an invited guest speaker at Cosmetic Federations in France, Italy and Spain.

Aurelie Bafoil, 
Cosmetics Regulatory Affairs Specialist, 

Aurelie joined Intertek in 2004 and became an expert in conformity assessment, especially for Middle East and Africa cosmetic regulations. She is a regulatory and technical support within Intertek and is currently responsible for developing and maintaining Registration and Certification procedures for cosmetic and perfumery products under the certification programs hold by Intertek (Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Tanzania…). Among her functions, she is also contributor to seminars relative to EMEA (spell out what this is)regulations.
She has followed training at ISIPCA (International Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Flavouring Institute) in Paris (France) and holds a Master’s specializing in Safety and International Regulations for Perfumes and Cosmetic Products

Kevin Yang杨文凯
Title: HBP manager
Tel: 86+ 021-60917507
Fax: 86+021-61279867
Graduated from East China University of science & Technology, majored in fine chemical. Over 10 years working in cosmetics filed as quality controller and project manager. Experienced in cosmetic regulation of EU, US and China. Worked for some famous cosmetics companies, such as Yusai-Kan, Coty, Red Earth, he brings over 10 years of experience  working in various functions in the cosmetics industry and has a strong experience in cosmetic regulations, specifically related to EU, US and China markets.

Mr. Zhongrui Li (Mr. Ray Li)
Toxicological Risk Assessor - Intertek Testing Service, Shenzhen

Mr. Li graduated from University of Birmingham and received Master degree in Toxicology, he is a member of British Toxicology Society and Chinese Society of Toxicology. Mr. Li was a consultant in Intertek Expert Service and responsible for data evaluation, dossier preparation, chemical registration and safety report in REACH and China-REACH projects from 2009 to 2011. He is a toxicological risk assessor in Intertek Shenzhen for cosmetic, chemical and toy safety assessment and provides regulation consultations for EU, US, China and other countries. 

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