Meyer R. Rosen, Editor-in-Chief
President, Interactive Consulting Inc.
Mr. Rosen is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London); a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and both a Nationally Certified Professional Chemist and Certified Professional Chemical Engineer. He is a member of the U.S. Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) & the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Meyer serves as an Advisor for David Smith, Executive Director of the SCC Advisory Committee. He is also Editor for U.S. & Canada and Editor-in-Chief for North and Latin America for EuroCosmetics Magazine in Germany. Mr. Rosen is Editor of the Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products and Editor-in-Chief of Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Edition.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Skin Ingredients, Ronni Weinkauf, Neostrata Company, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th ed.,

Ronni L. Weinkauf, Ph.D.

VP, Global Research & Development
NeoStrata Company, Inc., Princeton, NJ

Ronni Weinkauf, VP of NeoStrata’s Global Research and Development team, began her career with Unilever R&D in 1993 as a Research Scientist in the Clinical Research and Appraisal department.  Through her nearly 15 year tenure with Unilever, Ronni not only lead the Clinical Research team and the Skin Cleansing and Care clinical program, but also held senior Program management roles within the Skin Cleansing and Skin Care Research Program.  Ronni was Global Anti-Aging Program Director, leading all anti-aging and anti-irritant research efforts in the US, Europe and Asia.  

Ronni’s program delivered numerous patent protected new technologies, products, claims, driving growth for the Pond’s, Dove, as well Elizabeth Arden brands.  In 2007, Ronni joined the NeoStrata Company as VP of Research & Development and an executive member of NeoStrata’s leadership team.  The NeoStrata company, is a dermatology based skin research & development company.  The founders of NeoStrata pioneered and patented the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids for the treatment and reversal of Aging Skin.  The NeoStrata company continues to identify and develop new generation anti-aging technology for both the NeoStrata branded products as well as partnership within the industry.  As VP of Global Research & Development, Ronni leads new technology development and product development programs which support the company’s NeoStrata dermatologist dispensed, and Exuviance and CoverBlend retail brands sold around the world in over 80 countries. 

Ronni has a broad based research expertise in skin structure, function, and repair, primarily in the areas of skin photodamage and repair, skin lightening, skin inflammation.  Ronni holds 13 US patents, 16 international patents, and has authored numerous scientific publications, poster presentations, as well as co-authoring book chapters and serving as invited speakers at cosmetic scientific conferences.  Ronni received her Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Delaware, and her Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Global Clinical Leader
Unilever R&D USA, Trumbull, CT

Stacy Hawkins, Unilever Global Clinical Leader, Skin R&D Program began her career with Unilever R&D in 1996 as a research scientist and group leader of the Clinical Instruments Group in the Clinical Research and Skin Appraisal department.  As Global Clinical leader she develops and delivers global clinical testing plans for the Skin R&D program.  Her current responsibilities include development and execution of Unilever’s global publication strategy for skin research journals, key dermatology and industry conferences, and medical and educational materials.  She is also responsible for linking key research external collaborations to Unilever brand and educational activities.

Her research expertise includes: understanding wrinkle morphology and repair with anti-aging therapies; quantifying elasticity of the skin; clinical and consumer measurement of skin color and texture; role of skin barrier in maintenance of skin health.  Her research has been published in various skin bioengineering and dermatological publications, and has been used for novel claims substantiation for Pond’s and Dove skin care products.  These publications led to articles featured in Skin & Aging and Dermatology Times, as well as several invited talks and book chapters.  In addition, she serves on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in BioElectrical Engineering, and her Ph.D. from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, in Biomedical Engineering.

Uma Santhanam, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Cell Biology and In Vitro Toxicology
Avon Products, Inc. Suffern NY 10901


Uma Santhanam joined Avon in 2004 and is a Senior Manager in Avon’s Cell Biology and In Vitro Toxicology group.  In this role, she manages new technology identification, in vitro safety and efficacy testing of ingredients and formulations, and helps create and substantiate novel claims for Avon skin care products. Using her extensive skin biology background and cutting-edge scientific approaches, Dr. Santhanam has helped develop several breakthrough anti-aging skin care products.    Prior to joining Avon, she worked as a Project Leader/Lead Research Scientist in Unilever Research US in New Jersey.  Her research interests include skin aging, photodamage and its repair, skin pigmentation, and inflammation.   

Dr. Santhanam holds a Microbiology and Ph.D in Biochemistry from University of Bombay, India.  She completed her post-doctoral training at The Rockefeller University in New York.  Dr. Santhanam holds a total of fourteen U.S. patents and over twenty international patents in the field of skincare.   She also has several US and International patents pending.  Dr. Santhanam has over twenty scientific publications, over thirty poster presentations and has authored a chapter in the book Biotechnology in Personal Care, Cosmetic Science and Technology Series, Taylor and Francis, New York, NY, 2004.   Dr. Santhanam was recognized for her work at Avon with several awards including The Avon Chairman’s Award  (2010), Excellence In Execution Award (2010) ,  Matrix Award (2010) and Global R&D Achievement Award (2006, 2007).  

Peter Konish
Director, Sensory and Formulation Development
NeoStrata Company, Inc

Peter Konish is the Director of Sensory and Formulation Development at NeoStrata Company, Inc.  Peter is responsible for the development of novel skin care formulations incorporating the use of alpha hydroxy acids (ie glycolic & lactic acids), polyhydroxy acids (ie gluconolactone), bionic acids (ie lactobionic & maltobionic acids), and aminosugars for the NeoStrata®, Exuviance®, and CoverBlend® skin care brands. Prior to this, Peter was at L’Oreal where he held the position of Manager of Fine Fragrance Ancillary Development. 

In this role, Peter was responsible for overseeing the development of skin care and body care formulations to support the Ralph Lauren, Kiehls, and LancĂ´me brands. Peter also has a strong background in polymer chemistry and started out his career at Amerchol Corporation where he researched the synthesis and application of various natural polymers derivatives using Chitin, Chitosan, Starch, Guar, and Cellulose for the skin care and hair care industries. Peter has co-authored numerous scientific articles in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, Macromolecules and in the ACS series of Polysaccharide Applications, Volume 737. He has been in the personal care industry for over 18 years and has extensive experience in skin care product development. Peter holds a B.S in Chemistry from Monmouth University, a M.S in Cosmetic Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and is an active member of the New York Chapter of the SCC.

The Senses, Gail Vance Civille, Sensory Spectrum, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Gail Vance Civille

Founder and President
Sensory Spectrum
Gail Vance Civille, a pioneer in advanced sensory evaluation approaches for the consumer product industry, academia and government, is the founder and president of Sensory Spectrum.  As an expert in the evaluation of sensory properties, Gail has worked with thousands of food and personal care products.  She has been recently featured on NBC Nightly News as well asthe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, BBC and in David Kessler's Book The End of Overeating. 

In tune with her senses, Gail says "It is a sensory jolt everyday".  In his book, Blink, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about her and her co-workers: "The gift of their expertise is that it allows them to have a much better understanding of what goes on behind the locked door of their unconscious."   Gail will crack open the doors of our sensory consciousness, help us learn more about ourselves and provide us with a spirited opportunity to expand our product development and marketing effectiveness.

The Nails, Lawrence Silverberg, NailPure, Harry's Cosmeticology, 9th Ed.

Dr. Lawrence Silverberg

Vice President of Technology & Clinical Director
Dr. Silverberg graduated from State University of New York at Albany with a BS Degree majored in Biology & Chemistry. He then obtained a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) degree at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first year of residency training was at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, New York and he trained an additional two years at one of the most sought after Podiatric Surgical residencies in the country, at the Allegheny University of Health Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently Dr. Silverberg owns and operates three podiatry offices in Midtown Manhattan with six physician associates. He is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon by The American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS) and affiliated with both the Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY and the Gramercy Surgery Center, New York, NY.

Anti-Aging, Neil Sadick, Nils Krueger, Stefanie Lubberding, Weill Cornell Medical College, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Neil Sadick, MD.

Dr. Neil Sadick is a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. He holds five board certifications in internal medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration surgery and phlebology and is one of the world's most respected dermatologists. He is the medical director and owner of Sadick Dermatology and the Medical Director of the Sadick Research Group. He is the President-Elect of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and serves on the Board of Trustees to the Dermatology Foundation. He has served as the Global Beauty Advisor for Christian Dior. Dr. Neil Sadick is author or co-author of more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has contributed to more than 60 chapters of medical books. In addition, he has written or edited more than 10 books on cosmetic surgery.

Nils Krueger

Nils Krueger obtained his PhD in Cosmetic Science at the University of Hamburg (Germany), where he led the skin research lab and gave among others courses on biophysical measurements, medical writing and study design. As Head of Research at Sadick Research Group, a leading international research center in New York City, he is an expert in all types of clinical studies, which assess skin, nails and/or hair. 

Stefanie Luebberding
Research fellow

Stefanie Luebberding is a dynamic research fellow with special expertise in the field of cosmetic science and dermatological research. She has experience in design, realization, and evaluation of clinical test series and cosmetical studies in skin research, with acquired comprehensive knowledge about aesthetic treatments and cosmeceuticals. Due to her lectureship and her responsibility for the skin lab in the Division Cosmetic Science at the University of Hamburg Stefanie Luebberding is well trained in various biophysical measurement systems for skin and hair. 

Stefanie Luebberding received a Master of Science (MSc) in Cosmetic Science, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, at the University of Hamburg. She is currently employed in a private Research Center in New York and is working on her doctoral thesis (PhD) on the subject of influence of aging on skin quality of men and women: Evaluation with biophysical measurements and clinical score.

The Hair, Ray Rigoletto, Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th ed.

Ray Rigoletto

Ray Rigoletto has been with Ashland, Inc. for fifteen years and is currently the Manager for Global R&D Hair Care and Home Care Applications.  Prior to this he was with Amerchol, at the time a subsidiary of Union Carbide, and Revlon Research Center.  With over thirty years of industrial experience he has been involved in many aspects of the development and application of ingredients for personal care, and most recently, home care products.  Research projects include conditioning, protection, and repair strategies for hair care products.  Ray has a BS degree in Biology from Texas A&M University and is an active member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Tim Gillece 

Tim Gillece received his B.S. in Chemistry from William Paterson University in 1995 and an M.S. in Chemistry from Seton Hall University in 1998.  He worked 10 years at ISP in the Polymer Synthesis group developing polymers and screening methods for personal care applications.  Since 2006 he has been working in the Materials Science group at Ashland, Inc. 

Bio Active Ingredients, Smitha Rao, Lonza Personal Care, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Smitha Rao

Global Manager, Biotechnology Innovation
Lonza Personal Care

Smitha Rao is presently employed as a Global Manager, Biotechnology Innovation at Lonza Personal Care. She is involved in developing a business strategy to introduce cross-functional technologies such as peptides, mammalian tissues, and nutritional ingredients to the personal care and consumer products market. She is also actively involved in long-term innovation strategies such as developing novel, patentable, biotechnology based ingredients for personal care and OTC markets. She is the leading expert in the areas of bio-technology based active ingredients and has pioneered several award winning technologies for topical applications. Her work focuses on the adaptation of unique small-molecules from plants exhibiting key functionalities; and the enhancement of these molecules via bio-transformation through fermentation. Her research has identified innovative bio-markers and unique pathways to combat ageing and have yielded new actives for skin care. 

Smitha has multiple patents based on novel actives for skin care. She is the author of over 20 technical papers, posters and has presented in all cosmetic industry relevant events such as SCC, IFSCC, HBA and SID. She previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry and technology start-up enterprises. Her qualifications include an MBA from Farleigh Dickenson University (2011); M.S. in Microbiology from Michigan Technological University (2003) and B.S. from Bangalore University, India 

Color Cosmetics Formulation, Germain Puccetti, Hani Fares, Ashland Chemical, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Germain Puccetti

Group Leader
Ashland Chemical
Germain Puccetti is a Group Leader withISP / Ashland skincare and color cosmetics. His broad background includes being a Senior Scientist for Loreal USA where he managed US groups for instrumental evaluation claims / exploratory for hair and then skincare . as well as correlations with consumer perception and innovative instrumental tests in clinical studies.Germain has also served as aSenior Scientist for EMD Chemicals / Merck KGaA, investigating and performing validation / characterization of new skincare ingredients (sunscreens, antioxidants) as well as insect repellents. As a Research Associate at the University of Miami, Chem. Dept. he conducted skin biophysics projects for Christian Dior and ICI and the optical characterization of permeation and light absorption changes in skin affected by psoriasis. Ph.D Physics – Optics.

Hani Fares

Dr. Fares started his career in cosmetics studying the effect of solvents on sunscreen chemicals.  His interest in skin drug delivery especially from polymeric matrices grew during his graduate work at Rutgers, where he completed his Ph. D. in Pharmaceutics.

Dr. Fares worked at Block Drug and GlaxoSmithKline where he held positions in research and development in the areas of skincare and oral care.  After that, he joined L’Oreal where he held several positions of increasing responsibility leading to AVP of skincare.  He is currently the Senior Director of skincare at Ashland Specialty Ingredients.  Dr. Fares has several publications, presentations and patents in the areas of suncare, skincare, and oral care.

NutriCosmetics, Don Owen, Owen Biosciences, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Donald Owen, Ph.D.

Owen Biosciences, Inc
Dr. Donald Owen the founder of OBI and TPI a has been involved in various academic and corporate research for over 40 years. These research efforts have resulted in numerous scientific papers as well as over thirty patents or patents pending. Research interests include bioemulsion/ nanoemulsion technology, anti-aging/proliferative oligopeptides, anti-microbial lipopeptides, peptidic GH secretegogues and the use biotechnology for green bioactives. 

Dr. Owen has seen several of these technologies and inventions move from the laboratory to the developmental and final product stage. In turn, various corporations have formed such as an organ preservation corporation (Organ Recovery Systems Inc.) and a personal healthcare company (OBI) to market the products which have evolved from these research efforts. TPI was established by Dr. Owen to develop and market therapeutic peptides for anti-aging, wound healing and the treatment of infectious diseases. Lipo-oligopeptides for cosmetic applications produced by TPI are now distributed by Symrise Inc, 

The aging mechanisms of skin in particular and body in general are being elucidated because of major recent advances in DNA biotechnology. OBI and sister company TPI are taking advantage of these discoveries and those of its own scientists to develop novel new ingredients and topical delivery technologies for combating the aging process. The mission of OBI is to focus on the practical problems of producing unique bioactives including biotechnology based ingredients for age prevention and repair of human skin.

Anti-Aging, Howard Murad, Geffen School of Medicine UCLA, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Dr. Howard Murad

Howard Murad, M.D. is literally changing the way people think about health, wellness and beauty – and he’s doing it with scientifically-proven methodologies and his Inclusive Health approach to overall wellness that has now helped millions enjoy healthier, happier, more beautiful lives.

A board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist, founder of the University of Inclusive Health, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA, the man behind Murad, Inc., and best-selling author of The Water Secret, Dr. Murad has treated over 50,000 patients at his Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group. 

He’s conducted tireless research about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle shifts that we can all make to benefit ourselves physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. He coined the term Inclusive Health based on decades of research.

Anti-Aging, Gopinathan Menon, Ashland Specialty, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Gopinathan Menon

Senior Science Fellow
Ashland Specialty Ingredients (ASI)
Gopinathan Menon obtained his MS and PhD Degrees from the University of Baroda, India . He then served as a faculty member as well as and being a Visiting Professor at Michigan State University (1979). A sabbatical at the Dermatology Department of UCSF in 1982 began a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Peter Elias, which influenced and transformed his career path. Dr. Menon moved to San Francisco in 1988 as a Research Faculty Member. In 1993, he accepted a Research position in the Global R & D organization of Avon products and became the Principal Research Fellow & Head of Skin Biology research.. In 2007 he was appointed Senior Science Fellow, Global R & D for ISP Corporation in Wayne, NJ, which is now Ashland Specialty Ingredients. He maintains an active research program in Skin Biology, with close ties to ASI-Vincience lab in France, as well as several universities in the US and abroad. 

Dr. Menon's awards and Honors include the Homi Bhabha Fellowship, being elected as a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences, Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Barrier Function of Mammalian Skin (2011) , and induction to the GRC Chairs' Hall of Fame (2012). He has over a hundred publications that include research papers, reviews and book chapters as well as being the inventor of eightUS Patents . He has received the Avon Chairman's award for R & D achievements on two separate occasions.

John Gormley, Grant industries, Silicone Elastomer Applications, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

John Gormley

Director of Regulatory Affairs 
Grant Industries
John Gormley is the Director of Regulatory Affairs/QA for Grant Industries, Inc. and currently responsible for global compliance of Grant’s cosmetic ingredients and products.materials. John talents and interests include, but are not limited to, being a technical writer, speaker, inventor, teacher and polymer scientist.

He is a prolific technical writer and contributes to the company’s patent writing, marketing and advertising projects;. Gormley developed Grant’s web site ( and enjoys developing new products for the company’sGrant’s Hair Care business unit. His current main scientific interest is ins are silicone polymer chemistry. GormleyJohn also enjoys teaching the silicone chemistry module in the Cosmetics program at Fairleigh Dickenson University. for their cosmetics program.

He has contributed to seven issued US patents and has five pending onespatents. John is a member of the SCC, has supported various technical poster sessions, and given presentations at both the IFSCC and HBA Global Technical conference on computational calculations methodology approaches for development of concerning personal care materials. His broad corporate background includes new technology positions at Uniqema, Mona Industries, National Starch and Unilever.

John has contributed to a number of successful commercial projects replacing older materials with safer and greener options, He isalso a pro-active proponent of businesses working closely with regulatory agencies to develop realistic solutions to on-going issues.

Roberto Dal Toso, Botanicals for Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Dr. Roberto Dal Toso, Ph.D.

Roberto Dal Toso, has received his PhD in Biology and post-doc training in Pharmacology, both at University of Padua, Italy. Subsequently, he joined for two decades the research laboratories of pharmaceutical companies. He extended the professional experties in molecular biology in Georgetown University in Washington DC and ZMBH in Heidelberg, Germany. He is co-author of more than 40 peer reviewed scientific papers of high impact factor and is cofounder and R&D Manager of IRB.

Michael Balick, Sustainability for Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Michael J. Balick, Ph.D.

Vice President of Botanical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Economic Botany 
New York Botanical Gardens
Michael J. Balick, Ph.D. is Vice President for Botanical Science and Philecology Curator and Director of The New York Botanical Garden Institute of Economic Botany. As a renowned ethnobotanist, for four decades, he has studied the relationship between plants, people and culture in some of the most remote regions of the world. Dr. Balick has cataloged traditional uses of plants and worked to evaluate their potential for wider use. His long-term ethnobotanical field studies have included the Amazon Valley of South America, Belize, the Pacific Region known as Micronesia as well as studies of plant use by immigrant peoples in New York City. He is the author or editor of 20 books on useful plants and hundreds of scientific and popular papers. Michael is an adjunct professor at Columbia University, Fordham University and The City University of New York. He is also a participant in SanMarLabs, S.M.A.R.T program.

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Manufacturing - James M. Wilmott, Michael Ross, Leading Edge Innovations - Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

James M. Wilmott
Leading Edge Innovations

Jim Wilmott has over 36 years of experience in the creative design, development and manufacture of new products for the health and personal care industry.  Before starting Leading Edge Innovations in 2008, Jim has held past positions with the Lever Brothers Company, Bristol-Myers Products, Avon Products, and Dow Brands, L.P.  Jim was Vice President of Product Development for Mary Kay Holding Corporation where he managed the new product and process development programs.  As Vice President of Consumer Products for Collaborative Laboratories Jim was responsible for both technical and business development.  He developed an innovative new formulation alternative to emulsion-based Rx, OTC, and Personal Care products that was the basis of 10 patent applications.

Jim was the Executive Director of Global Skin Care for Chanel, and Sr. Vice President of R&D and Chief Technical Officer for the Outsourcing Services Group, the largest contract manufacturer in North America.  He has written many technical and managerial articles for trade publications.  He has authored over 25 patent applications and has received 11 patents for the introduction of innovative technology into the personal care market.

Jim received a Bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry from Lehigh University, a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry from Rutgers University and conducted three years of additional research as a doctoral candidate in Biochemistry at Rutgers University. 

Michael Ross
Leading Edge Innovations

Michael Ross has over 15 years of experience in the creative design, development and manufacture of new products for the health and personal care industry.  He also has a strong background in raw material and preservative product development, nanotechnology, formulation and Regulatory Affairs.  He has also assisted in the development and initiation of programs to improve the motivation, productivity and proficiency of the R&D staff through relevant skills development and mentoring programs.

Michael was previously the Manager of Development Services for Collaborative Laboratories where he was responsible for technical and product development.  He was instrumental in the development and support of new raw ingredients, finished goods, and in vitro and in vivo performance evaluation assays.  He developed a new range of innovative, global preservative systems that have been patented.  He was a key member of an innovations team that developed an innovative new formulation alternative to emulsion-based Rx, OTC, and Personal Care products that was the basis of 10 patent applications.

Michael was a Senior Scientist at Chanel, Inc., where he was a key member of the nanotechnology, new preservatives and SYNAPSE teams.  He developed three award-winning lotions for the Asian market, and was a key liaison to Chanel’s Japanese laboratory.

Michael was most recently the Director of Research and Development/Director of Regulatory and Safety for Distinctive Cosmetic Ingredients, LLC, where he opened and staffed their development laboratory.  He implemented quality and tracking systems and co-authored several patents.  Later he headed the regulatory department, and prepared the company for REACH compliance.  Michael is currently the Director of Research and Development for Leading Edge Innovations, LLC.

Michael received a Bachelors degree in Biology from The State University of New York at Oswego, has post-graduate credits towards an MBA from The State University of New York at Stony Brook, and has completed numerous Professional Advancement Courses within the Personal Care Industry.

Anti-Aging, Howard Epstein, EMD Chemicals - Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Howard Epstein 
Director of Technology and Business Development for EMD Chemicals

Howard Epstein is Director of Technology and Business Development for EMD Chemicals, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacognasy from the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Howard has been in the cosmetics industry for many years since he began his career formulating cosmetics for Estee Lauder, Maybelline, Max Factor, Bausch & Lomb and Kao Brands. In addition to his interest in botanicals Dr. Epstein is currently Editor of the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Science and is a member of the International Academy of Dermatology.  He is on the editorial board of the dermatological journals Clinics in Dermatology and SKINmed representing the cosmetics industry to dermatologists.  

Howard has authored chapters in three cosmetic technology textbooks and a chapter in the Manual of Gender Dermatology.  He holds eight patents and two patent applications and is continuing his research in photoprotective botanicals

Intellectual Property, Charles Brumlik, J.D., Ph.D., Nanobiz - Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Charles Brumlik, J.D., Ph.D.
Managing Partner

Dr. Brumlik co-founded Nanobiz LLC to increase speed to peak revenue with advanced materials and chemicals by leveraging external groups. 

The result is an efficient, creative mid-size group integrating highly experienced corporate veterans with hybrid experience from multiple corporate departments, a fully integrated offshore search team, IT tools, and a strong subject matter network.
Charles Brumlik has 25+ years of nanotechnology experience and was a corporate intellectual property attorney with ExxonMobil and Honeywell. 

He currently implements short term results within the framework of corporate innovation strategies.  He is a serial inventor tempered by the corporate commercialization process. 

Dr. Brumlik focuses on creating actionable opportunities for Nanobiz clients. 

Epigenetics of Skin Aging, Rebecca James Gadberry, CEO, YG Laboratories - Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Rebecca James Gadberry
CEO, YG Laboratories 
Instructor & Program Director, Cosmetic Chemistry, UCLA Extension

Rebecca James Gadberry is widely recognized as one of the skin care industry’s leading ingredient authorities. An award-winning journalist, skin care developer, licensed esthetician and one of the industry's most dynamic educators, Rebecca has been the senior instructor and program director of the highly acclaimed User-Friendly Ingredient Series at UCLA Extension since 1986, is a past-chairman for the California Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and is CEO of YG Laboratories, manufacturers of ‘next generation’ skin care for prestige, professional and medical brands worldwide. 

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Aerosols Section, Harry Wu, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Harry Wu

Harry Wu is a well known Consultant to the Aerosol Industry.
He received a BS in Chemistry from the  University of Southern California in 1977. Following his educational training, Harry became the Research and Development Director at KIK Custom Products (formerly Aerosol Services Company) at the Southern California Facility from 1977-2011.  Mr. Wu is a member of the California Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.  Based on his long experience in the field, Harry believes that  aerosol systems are the easiest and the most convenient way to dispense Personal care, Household and Industrial Products. His expertise extends to their use and application in Salon Hair care and Personal care formulations.

Silicones and OrganoSilicones Contributors, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed., Siltech, Surfatech

Anthony J. O’Lenick, Jr. 

Tony O’Lenick is President of Siltech LLC. in Lawrenceville, Ga. Siltech LLC is a silicone specialty company. Prior to that he held technical and executive positions at various surfactant and specialty chemicals companies including; Alkaril Chemicals Inc, Henkel Corporation and Mona Industries. He has been involved in the personal care industry for over 30 years and is a Fellow in the society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Tony is the author of Surfactants Chemistry and Properties; Silicones for Personal Care, Organic Chemistry for Cosmetic Chemists, Oils of Nature, Patent Peace of Mind and has edited several books including Naturals and Organics in Cosmetics: Trends and Technology, Microorganisms and Cosmetics, Formulating Strategies in Cosmetic Science, He has also published over 50 technical articles in trade journals, contributed chapters to five books, and is the inventor on over 350 patents and teaches a course in silicone chemistry at SCC. He has received a number of awards for work including the 1996 Samuel Rosen Award given by the American Oil Chemists’ Society, the 1997 Innovative Use of Fatty Acids Award given by the Soap and Detergents Association, and the Partnership to The Personal Care Award given by the Advanced Technology Group. Tony was a member of the Committee on Scientific Affairs, the Education Committee of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, as well as the National Treasurer 2011-2012.  

Thomas O’Lenick PhD

Thomas O’Lenick is Technical director of SurfaTech Corporation in Lawrenceville. GA. SurfaTech Corporation is a specialty chemical company specializing in natural derived sustainable polymers. He has been involved with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists for 8 years as both a student and full time member.

Thomas received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University in August 2005.  He received his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May, 2011. His work focused on thermo- and pH-sensitive hydrophilic block copolymers synthizied by controlled living radical polymerization techniques. These techniques include atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), nitroxide mediated radical polymerization (NMRP) and reversible addition-fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization (RAFT).

Thomas is an author of Organic Chemistry for Cosmetic Chemists, and has published 12 technical articles in trade journals and is an inventor on over 15 patents.  He has received several awards for his work including the 2010 Burchfield Burridge Warner Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry Award for his research conducted at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Skin Products Contributor Mark Lees

Dr. Mark Lees 

Dr. Mark Lees is one of the country’s most noted skin care specialists, an award-winning speaker and product developer, and has been actively practicing clinical skin care for over 20 years at his multi-award winning CIDESCO accredited Florida salon, which has won multiple awards for “Best Facial”, “Best Massage”, and “Best Pampering Place” by the readers of the Pensacola News-Journal. 

His professional awards are numerous and include American Salon Magazine Esthetician of the Year, the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Crystal Award, the Dermascope Legends Award, the Rocco Bellino Award for outstanding education from the Chicago Cosmetology Association, and Best Educational Skin Care Classroom from the Long Beach International Beauty Expo. Dr. Lees has also been inducted into the National Cosmetology Association’s Hall of Renown.

The Mouth and Oral Care Team for Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed., Colgate-Palmolive Company

Roger Ellwood
Colgate-Palmolive Company

Roger Ellwood is Director of Clinical Research for Europe in the Oral Care Research and Development Division of the Colgate-Palmolive Company. He is based in Manchester, UK where he is the Director of the Colgate Palmolive Dental Health Unit, a unique collaboration between Colgate Palmolive and the University of Manchester. The Unit specializes in the development of clinical trial methods.

Roger has a Bachelor of Dentistry degree from Liverpool University, A Master of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Philosophy degree from University College Cork and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Manchester. He holds an Honorary Chair in Dental Diagnostic Science at the University and is a recognized Specialist in Dental Public Health. His research is focused on diagnostic science and in particular caries and periodontal disease. He is also a world renowned expert on fluoride and fluorosis. He is the author of over 100 peer reviewed scientific articles and book chapters and is a regularly invited speaker at international conferences.

Chi Shing Wong
Colgate-Palmolive Global Toothbrush Division

Chi Shing Wong is a member of Product Development of the Colgate-Palmolive Global Toothbrush Division.  Chi Shing is a chemical engineer with expertise in polymeric materials.  His career spans over thirty plus years in the research and development of various medical device products.  Presently, he is responsible in the recommendation, selections and evaluation of materials for the design of toothbrushes and oral care devices at Colgate.  

Chi Shing is a member of ADA Standards Committee on Dental products and the chairperson of the manual toothbrush and powered toothbrush working groups.  He is also a US delegate and acting US expert at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Oral Care Products meetings.

James G Masters
Colgate Palmolive Company

James G Masters is currently Director of Technology in the Personal Care Products Division of the Colgate Palmolive Company. The scope of his research programs cover all personal care benefit areas relevant to Colgate Palmolive’s Personal Care business.  Research emphasis includes  skin inflammation, skin feel properties , sweat physiology (antiperspirant and malodor protection), skin moisturization and barrier repair technology.  

Prior to this, after receiving his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, Jim started his career spending he first  17 years developing and validating novel product introductions and technologies in the Oral Care Division of Colgate Palmolive with the goal of delivering enhanced product performance , efficacy and aesthetic quality across several key research areas, which include surface chemistry and colloid science, tooth wear and tooth erosion, anticaries efficacy and dentin hypersensitivity.  He has extensively published in the area of Dental Research , as well as in Surface and Colloid Chemistry and holds over 20 US patents in area of Dental Science.

Michael Prencipe
Colgate Palmolive Company

Michael Prencipe is Director in the Research and Development Division of the Colgate-Palmolive Company and is currently responsible for implementation of Oral Care products in the Americas and Professional Products globally.  Focus of his research at Colgate has been in the development of novel whitening technologies for removal/prevention of dental stain & formulation of novel peroxide based products to deliver superior whitening benefits. He has also worked extensively to develop technologies with therapeutic benefits against plaque, gingivitis, hypersensitivity, and caries. Additionally, Mike has in depth knowledge of component interactions of toothpaste formulations and their impact on delivery of active ingredients to model surfaces

Mike received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the CUNY and was a research fellow at SUNY Stony Brook prior to joining Colgate-Palmolive in 1984.  Since then, he has been awarded  over 40  US  Patents,  has  published extensively in the areas of Dental  Research  and Dentifrice Technology, presented his work at numerous IADR/AADR,  ACS  and  AOCS  scientific  meetings,  and  is  a member of ADA Standards Committee on Dental products.

Processes - Preservation contributor Daryl S. Paulson

Dr. Daryl S. Paulson
BioScience Laboratories, Inc.

Dr. Daryl S. Paulson is President and CEO of BioScience Laboratories, Inc.  He has advanced degrees in microbiology, statistics, counseling, and psychology.  Dr. Paulson is the author of numerous articles and nine books, among which are Topical Antimicrobials Testing and Evaluation, 2nd Edition (in press), Biostatistics and Microbiology:  A Survival Manual (Springer, 2008), Handbook of Regression and Modeling (Taylor & Francis, 2006), Applied Statistical Designs for the Researcher (Marcel Dekker, 2003), and Competitive Business, Caring Business:  An Integral Perspective for the 21st Century (Paraview Press, 2002).  He consults for the Department of Defense on Homeland Security issues and, in 2006, was named Statistical Advisor of the Year.  

The Skin Testing & Skin Cleansing Team for Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed., Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Guojin Lu
Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Guojin Lu has a Ph. D in Materials Science and Engineering. He is currently a Research Scientist in Ashland Specialty Ingredients (formally International Specialty Products) after postdoctoral appointments in Oak Ridge National Lab and University of Notre Dame. Recently he has been extensively working on method development and instrumentations to study interactions between surfactants or polymers and skin/SC/lipid/protein as well as other skin care related subjects, such as sun screen, antiperspirant, etc. He has more than twenty publications in peer-reviewed journals. Besides his regular duty in ASI, he also serves as an Assistant Editor of the NYSCC’s monthly publication, Cosmetiscope.

Dr. Roger L. McMullen
Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Dr. Roger L. McMullen is a Senior Research Scientist in Ashland Specialty Ingredients (ASI, formally International Specialty Products). He is an expert of hair and skin measurement methodology with focus on hair and skin biology, image analysis, mechanical testing, skin and hair application, polymer physics, etc.   He has worked in many facets of product development and claims substantiation in personal care area leading to the commercial launch of new technologies and products. He has contributed a lot of journal papers and book chapters in the cosmetic area. He is very active in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) and its NY division (NYSCC). He is also an Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in their Cosmetic Science program and the Editor of the NYSCC’s monthly publication, Cosmetiscope.

David J. Moore
Institute Fellow

David J. Moore holds a Ph. D in Biophysical Chemistry. He is currently an Institute Fellow of TRI/Princeton. Before joining TRI, he was the Senior Director of of Materials Science Group in the Global R&D of ISP (now Ashland Specialty Ingredients). He also has R&D experience working in Unilever. He is very interested in the areas of biophysics and dermatology with numerous papers, book chapters, and talks regarding structure and characterizations of skin/SC/lipid and hair as well as skin cleansing study. Recently, his personal care related research are the biophysics of stratum corneum, lipids, protein, and other biological samples, and spectroscopy (FT-IR, Raman, spectroscopic imaging, etc.) to study interactions between surfactants or polymers and skin/SC/lipid/protein, as well as other methods to study various skin and hair phenomena and practical formulations. 

Contact information of the contributors:

1. Guojin Lu, Research Scientist
    Ashland Specialty Ingredients, 1361 Alps Road, Wayne, NJ 07470, USA
    Research Scientist,, 001-973-872-4389

2. Roger L. McMullen, Senior Research Scientist
     Ashland Specialty Ingredients, 1361 Alps Road, Wayne, NJ 07470, US, 001-973-872-4391

3. David J. Moore, Institute Fellow

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