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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Packaging, Wylie Royce, Royce Associates, Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Ed.

Wylie H. Royce
Royce Associates
East Rutherford, NJ

Wylie H. Royce is a Managing Director of Royce Associates, founded in 1929 as a Chemical Manufacturer. Today, the company is a leading supplier of colorants and functional additives for Food, Drug, Cosmetic and Personal Care packaging.  The company offers Customer Assistance and Training in obtaining approvals required by various agencies in the US and Western Europe and Latin America.  Royce has manufacturing sites in NJ and NC, and a Technical Center in Tianjin China as well as manufacturing partners in India, China, Thailand, and Korea. Royce’s six Divisions serve the Personal Care, Cosmetic, Paper, Textile, Aerospace, Plastic Colorant, Functional Additives, Food Packaging, House wares, Synthetic Rubber, and Construction Industries.

Mr. Royce is Chairman of a number of influential decision making industry groups including: the Society of Plastics Industries (SPI) “Color and Additive Products Subcommittee” (Food Drug and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee)and SPI’s Communication and Marketing Advisory Committee. He also serves as a National Board member of the SPI and as Treasurer of the SPI’s Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee.  Wylie is also a, member of the Health & Beauty America (HBA) Technical Advisory Board and adds his packaging expertise to HBA’s Global Packaging Oriented Expo. 

He has been named a permanent member of International Who’s Who’ in Business Professionals, Who’s Who among rising Young Americans and Interesting Personalities of America. Wylie regularly speaks on subjects relating to plastics in food, drug and cosmetic packaging, sustainability issues and the effect on products produced in and imported into the US by the changing international business climate.

Mr. Royce has  authored “Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Global Colorant Regulations”.He holds a US Patent for a proprietary method utilizing electron beam modification of resins to create marbleized colorant effects for injection-molded products..

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